These are the products you should be paying more attention to.


3M Primer Stick3M Primer Stick


3M 94 Primer 8oz Can3M 94 Primer 8oz Can


3M Edge Sealer 8oz Can3M Edge Sealer 8oz Can

You find yourself browsing the Mossy Oak Graphics website and completely ignore the “accessories” section as you go to check out (yes, we’re talking to you). We know that you may be avoiding it for a reason; however, those extra bucks could be saving you and your wallet a lot down the road. So to all of our Mossy Oak Graphics fans and fanatics — listen up. We want to put some of our overlooked products into the limelight.

Our 3M 94 Primer and 3M Edge Sealer may be small in size, but their job is huge. We recognize that our products are the highest quality, therefore it is only necessary to pair them with products of the uppermost quality as well. Having said that, our 3M 94 Primer & 3M Edge Sealer are used to assure camo vinyl lovers that they have nothing to worry about when it comes to imperfections, because we want every application to be as impeccable as possible.

So, by now, you may be asking yourself: Why do I need to use these? How do I use them? Well, lucky for you, we have the answers. If you’re looking to make sure your camo vinyl is more permanent (and we know most of you don’t have any intention of removing your vinyl) then these products are perfect for you.

Our 3M 94 Primer can be bought in two quantities: a stick and a can. Before applying your vinyl, our 3M 94 Primer should be applied with the stick or with a brush to recessed surfaces that need extra grip and strength. This may include edges around mirrors, bumpers, inside body moldings, etc. Did you know that our 3M 94 Primer holds with twice the grip than just the vinyl alone? Now that’s what we call real strength.

Our 3M Edge Sealer is similar to our 3M 94 Primer, but is used for different reasons. The 3M Edge Sealer is meant to be applied after vinyl application and is perfect for objects that are more likely to face water and moisture. This may include your ATVs and UTVs that are driven through the water, mud or snow. Furthermore, our 3M Edge Sealer is also ideal for marine-type environments and perfect to add after you apply your boat or motor kits. If you’re looking to lock down the edges of your vinyl more, not only can our 3M 94 Primer do the job, but our 3M Edge Sealer can as well.

Our 3M 94 Primer and 3M Edge Sealer allow our products to be the best they can be. Watch this instructional video if you want to learn more about these products. And the next time you’re on our website, don’t forget to browse the accessories — you may be glad you did.

Not sure if your Mossy Oak Graphics purchase needs some 3M 94 Primer or 3M Edge Sealer? Check out this list to determine what objects should be applied with these products: