Mossy Oak Graphics Installer John Hinde walks through how to create a camo tumbler using our camo Gear Skins

In a few easy steps, you can camo your favorite tumbler. Our gear skin comes as 2 pieces of camo vinyl, each measuring 8"x14.5". Depending on the size of your tumbler, this may be enough to cover two tumblers!

Our camo vinyl material adheres great to galvanized metal (did you see the deer feeder made out of a garbage can?). The tumbler may be wider at the top than the bottom, but you can use some heat, from a heat gun or blow dryer, to stretch the material at the top. Use a wavy cut along the edge, so when the material wraps all the way around and covers itself the wavy edge creates a seamless look.

Don't be afraid to use the heat multiple times, pull the material up and set it back down to get wrinkles out, and to use heat and hand pressure to push out any other wrinkles. Wrinkles are hidden pretty well with the camo pattern though, so it's not too much to worry about.

You can use an exacto knife to trim around the top and bottom, and press with your fingers to secure. Once everything is applied and trimmed, apply some post heat and press the material down one last time to really secure it. After that, you're all set!