All hunting season you’ve seen these awesome camo’d boats and are wondering how do they do it? If only there was a tutorial or a blog post about how to camouflage a boat. At Mossy Oak Graphics, we hear you!

Applying Mossy Oak Graphics to your favorite hunting boat is really simple. All you have to do is follow these tips and steps and your new camo’d hunting boat will look like you had a professional do it.


Like most things in life, preparation is key. For the best results, we can’t stress enough, how important these steps are in preparing your everyday hunting boat to being a camo’d masterpiece. They are super easy too! All you have to do is take the time to give your boat a little TLC.

Before you do anything you will want to make sure that your boat is the right temperature – between 60 and 95 degrees is perfect. Make sure to remove any decals that you may already have on the boat. To remove existing decals with ease all you have to do is apply a little heat.

Next, make sure your boat is really clean. We don’t mean a quick wipe down either. Take the extra time to clean your boat thoroughly with soap and water – get every nook and cranny.  It’s also a good idea to use a wax or grease remover. We promise it will be worth it!

When you are done washing take a paper towel or clean cloth and wipe over your entire boat. Make sure that the surface of the boat is smooth and that no paint is rough or wiping off.

Go ahead and pull any handles off that may be on your boat. After that you are ready to apply your 3M 94 primer. It promotes adhesion along all of the edges and in any rivets in your boat – super important.

Ok you did it! Your boat is prepped and ready. Now let the application of your boat camo begin…


Mossy Oak Graphics provides you with a precut camo piece for each side of your boat. They are available in six sizes to ensure that you have the perfect fit for your boat. These steps include the application of a Mossy Oak Graphics Transom Wrap and Boat Side Wraps. The Transom Wrap must be purchased separate from the Boat Side Wraps.

Step 1:

Leaving the backing on for now, unroll your camo vinyl and place it where you want. Once you get it where you want, use some masking tape to hold it in place. You are also going to want to use 3 pieces of masking tape to create a hinge point.


The best place to create a hinge point is where the boat begins to narrow in the front – about mid way on the boat.

Step 2:

Take the vinyl loose from the backend of the boat and pull it up towards the front of the boat to where you made your hinge. Pull the material from the paper backing only to where your hinge point is and cut that portion of the backing off.

Product Win:

Okay, the paper backing is off, time to get serious. If you are getting nervous at this point, don’t! Mossy Oak Graphics camo vinyl is unlike those other camo applications. If you stick Mossy Oak Graphics down and it’s not where you want it, no fear, you can pull it back up and place it down where you want.

*Repeat Step 2 to the front portion of your boat.

Step 3:

Once you have your material laid and attached to your boat where you want, you are ready to stick it down good. Use your squeegee and work from the center point of the rib down and then from the center of the rib upward.


If you have a riveted boat you will want to go around those rivets with your heat gun. Apply heat to each rivet and work your squeegee around the rivet to apply pressure. If you notice any small air pockets around the rivets, take your exacto blade and poke a tiny hole in the air pocket.

Product Win:

Let’s say you come across a wrinkle or a place that just isn’t laying right, what are you gonna do!? Before you stress out, remember that you are using Mossy Oak Graphics! All you have to do is pull the material back up and use your squeegee to smooth it out.

Step 4:

Before you start on the backside of your boat you’ll want to follow these quick tips:

  • Using your utility knife trim the edge ¼ to ½ inch back away from the corner. You will also want to do a similar cut along the bottom edge of your entire boat. This will keep the edge from getting caught by rocks or ice as you travel across the water.

Use masking tape to create a straight cut line across from the bottom of the welded plates on the corner of the boat. When you lay the vinyl overtop of the masking tape it will create a line that you will be able to follow as you make your cut. This will help you to make a cut that will leave a nice clean edge.

You’re working hard and it won’t go unnoticed! Take as swig of your refreshment and get ready because now it’s time to camo the backside of your boat.

Step 5:

Go ahead and pull the backing off of your precut transom piece and line it up with the back of your boat. Squeegee your camo vinyl down to secure it in place. You may have some extra vinyl on the edges so you can use your utility knife to trim the vinyl to fit.


For any pesky bolts that may be on your boat under the material all you need is your heat gun and squeegee. Heat around the bolt and apply pressure in the rivet around the bolt. Next, you will want to cut a circle around the bolt and remove the material from the head of that bolt.

Step 6:

Now for the easy but very important step – come back with post heat over your entire boat.

Product Win:

Mossy Oak Graphics are the only graphics that are produced with cast vinyl in the outdoor industry. This vinyl starts as a liquid and when heat is applied it develops a new memory to the surface it is being applied to. Now you know our secret to keeping your vinyl adhered to those recessed areas.

Step 7:

The finishing touch to this keen, mean, camo’d hunting machine is 3M Edge Sealer. Once you are completely finished with applying your graphics you’ll want to come in with an edge sealer. This product seals the edges of the vinyl down so that your boat can make it through any harsh conditions. It makes it pretty much indestructible.

You’ve done it and we are sure that you are going to love your camo’d hunting boat or DIY duck boat for years to come.

Now that you’ve learned how to camo a boat, are you ready for your next project? You’ve already done all the hard work so don’t stop now! Make sure to getcha a Motor Wrap to match.

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