Ordering Matte Camo By The Roll

Do you get confused ordering a Camo Vinyl Wrap off the roll?

When ordering camouflage vinyl wraps off the roll, we know it can get a bit overwhelming with all the options you have. Between the video and following step by step instructions, we hope to answer any questions you may have to get you on your merry camo-wrapping way.

Step 1: Pick Your Pattern

Mossy Oak Graphic’s camo vinyl wraps are available in all 18 patterns – this first step is to decide which pattern is best for your application and make your selection. Choose from:

Step 2: Choose Your Width

There are 2 width options – 24″ (2′) or 48″ (4′). The prices displayed with these widths are for a length of 12″ or 1′. So for a camo sheet that is 24″ wide by 12″ long, it’s $12. A camo sheet that is 48″ wide by 12″ long is $24.

Step 3: Choose Your Length

Since the camo vinyl you order is pulled from roll, you can order a length of up to 100′! Length is sold by each foot, so it’s up to you how long you want your camo vinyl sheet to be. It will also be 1 continuous sheet, so if you order a 24″ width roll that is 5′ long you will receive 1 sheet of that width and length (not 5 individual sheets). If you have a certain application in mind, you can measure the square footage you need to cover and determine the width and length of material that you will need.

Step 4: Share Your Success

We love to see how customers use our camo vinyl wraps, so once you’ve finished your wrap be sure to post it to our Facebook page and share with the world!

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