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Torn Metal Camo Stripe

Torn metal camo stripe which reveals Mossy Oak camo in the heart of your truck or SUV. 44.75"x7.75". Give a unique look to your vehicle, or use multiple torn metal stripes to create a more dramatic effect. Available in 2 sizes, 24"x4.75" or 44.75"x7.75".
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The most unique Mossy Oak camo truck accents ever created. Our decals use the highest quality 3M materials and state-of-the-art high resolution printing to produce industry leading quality decals. Mossy Oak® Graphics camouflage vinyl torn metal camo stripe is the only cast vinyl pin stripe wrap on the market. Premium 3M cast vinyl materials used to produce a camo vinyl wrap with an industry leading 7 year durability rating and 5 year warranty against fading. Cast vinyl provides better print quality and is free of edge lifting, peeling, cracking and pulling away. Product comes standard with a matte finish, making it ideal for adding a custom camouflage look to your vehicle or adding camouflage to the ultimate hunting vehicle. Material is highly conformable and contains air release technology providing a simple, clean, bubble free installation. Our camouflage materials are removable when desired and won't leave behind an adhesive residue. Available in 2 sizes, 24"x4.75" or 44.75"x7.75".
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Installation is easy. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to install the Torn Metal Camo Stripe yourself.