Christmas Gifts For Dads

Top 10 Christmas Gifts For Dad That He’ll Like More Than A Tie

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for your Dad who loves to hunt?

It’s not easy to surprise your pop with a gift he’ll go crazy for, but we’re pretty sure if you have a hunting Dad, he’ll love any of the items below.

1. Camo Gun Skin

This is easy – if your Dad owns a shotgun, rifle, or AR-15 and loves camo, a gun skin is the direct route to the “favorite child” place in his heart. Throw in a scope skin and maybe you’ll reach “favorite person” status.
Shotgun camo vinyl wrap

2. Mossy Oak Camo Sportsman’s Package

This Sportsman’s Package is an ideal gift for an avid hunter that loves his truck. This package includes camo vinyl to cover the rockers, fender flares and bumper of his vehicle. It’s available in three sizes to fit his truck or SUV. Not only is a just a cool gift, but it will protect his vehicle from rocks and debris, especially useful if he lives on a dirt road. Too pricey to go it alone? Grab a few family members, go in on it together, and give Dad the coolest truck in the city.
Kid Rock Sportsmen's Package

3. Auto Interior Dash Kit Skin

This dash kit is a 12″ x 20″ piece of vinyl that fits most dash applications – if you want to cover more area, just order 2! It’s a great way for Dad to personalize his truck and immerse himself in hunting season all year long. Want bonus points? Install it for him! Don’t worry, installation is easy and you can follow our step by step video.
User submitted camo dash

User submitted camo dash

4. Snow Pack Tailgate Graphic

This tailgate graphic really makes a statement with deer in the winter woods. The snow pack tailgate graphic is easy to apply, and is a really unique way for Dad to give his truck some personality. Not sure the snow pack of deer is the image he’d want? We’ve got other options like Mossy Oak camo tailgate patterns, Mallards, Geese, or Wild Turkey – just check out the whole Tailgate Graphic section to find what Dad wants.
Snow Pack Tailgate Graphic

5. Boat Motor Wrap

If Dad owns a boat, a boat motor camo vinyl wrap is a great surprise gift for him. Not only does it look great in the water (if you can see it), but it will turn heads when it’s being towed to the lake.

Reaaaaaaally want to show Dad you love him? Get him the whole camouflage boat wrap to cover his boat in Mossy Oak Camo.
Boat Motor Camo Vinyl Wrap

6. Mancave Camo Wallpaper

This peel and stick wallpaper is extremely easy to install, and can transform your dad’s mancave or hunting lodge into the perfect space. Make sure you get his favorite pattern, and if you really want to blow his mind install it without him knowing. A big reveal makes for a memorable holiday!
Camo Wallpaper in Brush

7. Game Camera Skin

Dad won’t see this gift coming – kind of like the deer won’t see his camera with this camo vinyl skin applied. Our Mossy Oak Matte Camo game camera skin is a universal size to fit most game cameras, and will really up Dad’s hunting game.
Game camera camo skin

8. Patriotic Truck Accessories

If your Dad was a military man, or hangs an American Flag outside the house, one of our Patriotic Truck Accessories in our Stars & Stripes collection is for him. An American Flag rear window graphic might be what he wants, or you could go a little more subtle with the Patriotic tailgate band.
Patriotic Tailgate Band
American Flag Tailgate

9. Auto Emblem Skin

A camo auto emblem skin is the perfect stocking stuff for Dad. It’s extremely easy to apply, universal to fit all vehicle brands, and it’ll add a unique element to his vehicle. Get it in his favorite pattern, and don’t forget the american flag emblem option!
American Flag Auto Emblem skin

Camo'd Ford emblem

Camo'd Chevy bowtie emblem

10. Truck Decals

Another easy and great stocking stuffer for Dad is a truck decal. We have a wide range of truck decal designs, from Mossy Oak logos for the hunter, to 4×4 decals for the off roader, to lab heads for the pet lover. Dad can add a little personality to his truck and you can claim the “best gift” honors. Well, “best gift” might require a full camo truck wrap but if that’s out of the question a decal will still be a thoughtful present!
Mossy Oak Logo Truck Decal

If all else fails, you can always get him camo rolls in his favorite camo pattern.

Or browse our full site – if the perfect gift for your Dad isn’t listed above, there’s lots of other options you can choose from! Happy gift hunting, and don’t forget to get yourself a little something 😉

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